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Horse Shampoo For Human Hair Growth


Now, I know what you are thinking… using horse shampoo for human hair growth or stimulation is just plain weird, wrong and odd. I fact, you might think that this idea is one of those mad old wives tales and that there is no basis for even thinking about it – however, you might be surprised by what I am about to reveal.

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Horse hair has a very similar genetic design when you compare it with human hair and many people have found that using a horse hair shampoo, works very well on us humans too.

I guess that if you looked at the ingredients and compared them side by side with any other popular shampoo, you would find that it is very similar, but the horse shampoo is designed to make their hair and tail look and feel very thick, soft and strong.

This is why people have tried it and have reported very good outcomes. Not only does the shampoo make their hair clean, look good, feel soft and be manageable – the ingredients that are designed to make a horses mane and hair become thicker, also work with humans too.

Horse Shampoo For Humans? Here’s the science bit…

The real reason that this works is that it helps the hair swell and become thicker after use. The shaft of your hair becomes thicker and swollen, making it look thicker and fuller.

?As far as I can tell, there is no added ingredients that help hair growth in humans. The shampoo is actually very free from chemicals and man-made substances, which tends to be the case for many animal related products like these (they seem to enforce more natural products for animals than humans these days).

Using a horse shampoo for human hair growth can be likened to taking Botox for your hair. However, if it helps keep your head, hair, scalp and pores clean, this will also help with the overall health of your head and hair – which can improve hair growth.

Should I use horse hair shampoo?

There is no reason why you can’t use this type of shampoo as part of your normal routine. Many people swear by it and have spent their whole lives using it, singing it’s praises as a great product.

The most popular product is called "Mane N Tail" and there are a range of different products available, including shampoo, conditioner, herbal hair treatments and sprays.

In fact, even though this is designed for the equestrian market, you will find it on Amazon under the "Health and Personal Care" section, with many reviews from people, saying how good horse shampoo is for human hair growth.

The general consensus is that Mane n Tail provides the following benefits to the user:

  • It leaves you hair feeling very soft.
  • It is a great treatment for people who have very brittle or weak hair that breaks easily.
  • It is very effective at cleaning your hair and scalp, which will help with hair growth.
  • Good for people with fine, frizzy hair, adding volume and making hair silky and smooth.

Are there any side effects?

To be honest, none that I can determine. There are many people that have been using products like Mane N Tail, since the 1970's without any ill-effects or problems.

However, there is other anecdotal warnings that people with fine hair may end up with problems as the swelling effect can actually damage the hair. This only applies to people with this sort of hair and is something you need to be aware of if you are thinking of trying it.

Horse shampoo before and after images:

I have been looking for some good before and after shots where people have been using the horse shampoo to help their hair look better, but I can't really find any. There are some good video series on YouTube though where people have been trialling the shampoo and have been reporting on the outcome.

Here are some of the best videos that will help you see the before and after effect of horse shampoo when you are using it on your hair.

You can check for yourself from these videos, does horse shampoo work or not?  - it is pretty clear that it does - but see for yourself.?

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Where can I buy horse shampoo?

Mane N Tail definitely seems to be the most popular product amongst us humans and can be bought on-line from sites such as Amazon.

There may be some local horse care shops that sell it too, or they might be able to advise of a similar product, but getting it online is probably the easiest option.

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Does horse shampoo make your hair grow faster and longer?

There is no real evidence that using this type of product will make your hair grow any faster or any longer, but any shampoo that is made from natural ingredients will help.

Often, the issue with poor hair growth can be linked to either a bad diet or using hair care products that are too harsh for your head. Chemicals strip away the natural oils from your hair and scalp, leaving it dry and in not the best shape to grow new hair.

Using this horse shampoo should help manage your scalp and hair better and therefore will help promote better, faster hair growth. After all, if you hair grows faster it will also grow longer at the same time!

Is there a horse shampoo conditioner?

In a word, YES!

The people who make Mane N' Tail also make a great conditioner too, packed with great herbal nutrients and minerals to make your hair smooth, strong and free from frizz and problems such as split ends.

Mane N' Tail also make a product called Straight Arrow Herbal Gro, which is a herbal styling product.  To help give you hair extra smoothness and body, simply massage this cream into your hair and scalp after washing for an extra boost in silkiness and a great look.

Many people who have used the conditioner and "straight arrow" have recommended it, along with the Mane N' Tail shampoos.

Where to buy horse shampoo:

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How much is horse shampoo?

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What do you think?

Is using horse shampoo for human hair growth a good or bad thing? Is it something you would do, or have done? Is this possibly the best shampoo for hair growth?

Please use the comments box below to share your thoughts and experiences.

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