10 Facts About Hair Loss

hair loss facts for men and womenEvery person looses hair. People normally lose hair while cleaning it in the shower, as you’re blow drying it, or even when giving it a quick brush.

When a person loses approximately 50 to 100 strands of hair a day, this is termed as normal hair loss.

It happens as the hair is going through its normal cycles. When this happens there is a new strand of hair to replace it.

On the other hand when a person consistently loses more than a 100 strands a day; this can be termed as abnormal hair loss or balding.

Hair loss in men.

Loss of hair can be devastating and is a major cause of low self esteem and lack of confidence. It is usually prevalent in men more than in women but approximately two thirds of women are affected by loss of hair as well.

There are different causes of hair loss in men and women. In men, the main cause of hair loss is usually hereditary and can also be caused by hormonal changes or side effects of certain medication. When this happens, certain hair follicles progressively shrink which often leads to shortening of the hair’s growing cycle.

As this continues, a man’s hair becomes shorter and thinner until growth of hair completely stops. This condition in men is usually permanent when it happens. Hair loss does not happen to all men though by the age of 50 approximately 50% of the men experience a significant amount of hair loss.

Hair loss in women.

In women on the other hand, hair loss is caused by a number of reasons. Balding in women can be as a result of pregnancy, extreme and drastic weight loss, extreme stress; extreme brushing, menopause etc. The condition can be inherited just like in men.

At times women can be attacked by a temporary and rare illness whereby the immune system attacks the hair follicles. This illness is usually caused by either vitamin or hormonal issues. Fortunately there is treatment for this condition with medication which can be prescribed by a physician.

Other causes of hair loss common in both men and women include; environmental exposures, iron deficiency, smoking, etc.

When a person starts to lose hair, it is a good idea to visit the dermatologist because at times balding may be a symptom of an underlying health issue.

Though balding is devastating, it is important for you to get all the information you may need as this can assist you to combat the condition from a point of knowledge.

Here are 10 facts about hair loss.

  1. True baldness only happens in men. Though women can suffer from thinning and loss of hair, their hair line does not recede dramatically as is the case with men.
  2. There are many and different causes of hair loss as earlier mentioned.
  3. Hair loss spreads quickly so it is advisable to seek professional help early enough to combat the situation.
  4. Estrogen which is absent in men is what prevents women to experience complete baldness.
  5. Some men start balding early in their teens.
  6. Shaving of hair does not help in growing back thicker hair.
  7. There is no connection between balding and a man’s virility and fertility.
  8. Balding is not caused by caps, helmets, hats or such apparel.
  9. Everyone’s hair is different so the treatment of hair loss varies from one person to another.
  10. Eating a balanced diet can help in saving your hair.

There are both natural and medical treatments for hair loss. In men who loss of hair is as a result of inheriting the genes, there are a couple of popular medications that can help treat this condition. Some of the most commonly used are Propecia and Rogaine. They work in preventing loss of hair and can help in re-growth of hair in some cases.

Hair replacement treatments.

There are also procedures that involve replacement of hair.  These procedures are known as micro-grafting, scalp reduction and punch grafting.  This treatment is expensive and there are side effects so it is important for someone to weigh their options first.

Some of the natural treatments for hair loss include; application of coconut oil and hibiscus on the scalp, one can also apply an amla fruit juice or amla powder on the scalp, application of a mixture of egg white and olive oil can also be effective. One can also apply a mixture of mustard oil together with henna on the scalp.

It is also advisable to look at the types of products you use on your hair on a regular basis.

Take a look at our list of good shampoos for hair growth for more information.

What to do next.

Before you embark on your treatment of choice, it is important to seek medical advice first so that you can get help for the problem and arrive at a solution for you to look and feel like yourself again.

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