What Are The Best Essential Oils For Hair Growth

top essential oils used to help hair growthWe have written on this website before about the benefits of using natural shampoos to help grow new hairs, but what are the best essential oils for hair growth that could compliment this strategy?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and are mainly the distilled and extracted “essence” from a plant or tree’s flowers, roots, seeds, branches, fruit or bark. The most common way for the oils to be extracted from the materials is by using solvents that break down the source. A more lengthy process is to use steam, which although takes longer to do, it produces a more high quality essential oil.

Only specific species of plants, herbs and trees are used in the process of making essential oils as certain types have more therapeutic or healing properties than others. For example, when using a Thyme essential oil, it will have been extracted from a different species to the dried herb you might have in your kitchen cupboard – or even the wild Thyme that you might be growing in your garden. It also matters at which time of the year the oil is extracted.

How to use essential oils.

One of the great things about using essential oils to treat any ailment is that they can (mostly) be applied in different ways. The oils are usually either applied direct to the skin, taken by eating or drinking or through inhaling the scent or spray.

When using essential oils for hair loss, it is usually best to apply the drops direct to your shampoo before use, meaning you can use them on a daily basis. You can also apply them direct to your head or to the area where there is hair loss. Some oils that treat your overall wellbeing and those that are used to help treat problems with hormone imbalance or poor circulation are usually best applied in specific areas of the body.

Essential oils are sometimes best applied to areas of the body that are believed to contain “energy points”. When you apply the oil to this point, the effect will be more pronounced and will be helped to travel throughout your entire body.

Top 10 essential oils for treating hair loss.

1. Rosemary Essential Oil.

This is probably the most used of the essential oils and is used to treat a wide variety of ailments. It is great for treating hair loss, alopecia areta and for stimulating growth of new hairs.

It does this by stimulating the blood vessels on your head and scalp and also by helping to kill bacteria and unclog any pores an follicles too. This will help your body regulate the growth of new hairs on your head and also help you retain the hairs that you still have.

2. Lavender Essential Oil.

Apart from having natural antiseptic and anti-fungal properties, which is great for dealing with scalp problems, this essential oil will help you de-stress and keep calm, which in turn will help with your hair loss problems. Lavender has been used for many different ailments, but is especially known for helping treat high blood pressure, PMS and also helping to reduce sebum on your skin. If you have too much sebum, your hair follicles can become clogged, causing patches of hair to stop growing.

You can apply Lavender direct to your skin, massaging it into the areas of your scalp where it is needed the most. Alternatively, add 2-4 drops to a bowl of warm water and pour it slowly over your head, to get an all over treatment for hair growth problems.

3. Geranium Essential Oil.

There are over 200 species of the Geranium plant and the oil has been used for many different treatments including liver problems, treating acne and insomnia. When used to help with hair loss problems, this essential oil is great for helping to treat any issues with eczema or itchy scalps.

If left untreated, eczema on your head can become very inflamed and spread to cover hair follicles, causing new hairs not to be able to grow through and natural skin oils and vitamins to not be able to nourish existing hairs.

4. Cedarwood Essential Oil.

Your scalp and follicles can be prone to becoming damaged due to poor circulation and using Cedarwood will help restore any problems. Like Lavender, Cedarwood is an essential oil that contains the ability to help with any fungal infections on your scalp, which can scab over your follicles and stop hairs from growing properly.

Cedarwood can be applied direct to the scalp or dripped direct to areas of your scalp where you might be suffering from hair loss.

5. Thyme Essential Oil.

Thyme is a great oil if you are suffering from any sort of infection that is causing hair loss. Known for it’s antiseptic properties, Thyme is ideal for treating the areas of your scalp where hair is not growing at all or where there is any scabbing or flaking skin.

Thyme is also the best essential oil to use if you are suffering from dermatitis or psoriasis that has spread to your scalp. It is important to keep the skin on your scalp in perfect condition, as this will promote new hair growth and protect the hairs that are already there.

6. Cypress Essential Oil.

Cypress oil is great if your body needs a detox and is used to treat oily hair as well as problems like dandruff or hair loss.

This oil is useful for treating problems with poor blood circulation, which will help ensure that your scalp is getting the right amount of blood pumping around those hairs, which will help promote new growth.  Having a healthy scalp is very important to keeping your hair healthy.

7. Western Red Cedar Essential Oil.

This is a great treatment oil for hair loss as the Western Red Cedar oil contains a high level of Ketones, which has been shown to help people with alopecia grow new hairs.

It is also known and used for it’s antibacterial properties and is great for treating any infections on your scalp that might be stopping hair from growing. It is also a great treatment to nourish your head and hair, so is perfect for people who suffer from hair fall, alopecia or people who have patches of hair loss.

8. Sage Essential Oil.

Sage is know for it’s cleansing and healing properties and is one of the essential oils that is most popular.

When used to treat hair loss, Sage is used for helping to regulate hormones in your body. If you can help to achieve a balance in the levels of oestrogen or testosterone, then hair loss might be avoided. Some types of pattern baldness can be caused by incorrect levels of hormones, especially DHT.

9. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil.

One important part of hair growth is the body’s ability to grow new cells and maintain healthy hair follicles. The oil from the Ylang Ylang plant’s flowers are great at stimulating new cell growth and therefore, it is a good treatment for hair loss.

Ylang Ylang is also used as an essential oil to treat skin conditions, which will be useful for your scalp if there are any issues there. This oil also has anti-bacterial properties and is used as an anti-inflammatory agent, which will help calm any skin problems on your head, leading to a more healthier scalp.

10. Grapefruit Essential Oil.

The reason why this is used to help with hair loss, is that Grapefruit contains another chemical called Limonene. Limonene is normally found in the skin and peel of citrus fruits and is usually used to help treat skin problems.

However, it is also great to help keep your scalp and hair in good condition too and helps promote the growth of new skin cells in the body. Grapefruit and Limonene are also known to help remove an toxins from your body or from the area where it is applied to, so a few drops applied to your shampoo or directly to your scalp in the areas where you are losing hair will be beneficial.

Which is the best essential oil for hair growth?

Our pick of these oils, based on it’s antibacterial and anti fungal properties is Rosemary.

Based on the research we have made for this article and also based on reviews on other websites, Rosemary is the best essential oil for hair growth by far.

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