Can Shampoo Cause Hair Loss?

can shampoo cause hair loss?

Many people invest in shampoo to keep their hair from falling out, but what many people may not be aware of is the fact that shampoo can actually be one of the leading causes of increased hair loss or thinning hair if one is not careful enough about the brand that they choose to use regularly - so what do you need to be aware of if you are worried - Can shampoo cause hair loss?

Generally speaking, not every single brand of shampoo is going to immediately cause you to go bald-headed overnight; however, recent discoveries have shown that shampoo can be deceptively detrimental to health of many different kinds of hair.

No matter what your style of hair may be, certain shampoo brands have the potential to bring your hair styling days to an end.

Should you join the "No-Poo" movement?

Many people are opting to go for the "no shampoo" option (no-poo for short), meaning that they either don't use shampoo products at all, or they are using more natural ingredients to wash their hair.

People who no-poo are also not washing their hair as often and therefore not exposing it to as many chemicals as you or I might do, which stops it from drying out or from being stripped of any natural oils.

Jennifer Aniston

Aniston, 45, said she's "all about a low-maintenance approach," which includes only washing her hair every other day or every three days.

This is made possible, she added, by the Living Proof hair products for which she is a spokeswoman."I don’t get a lot of product build-up with Living Proof and my hair doesn’t get dirty straight away," she said.

"I wash my hair with no frizz shampoo and conditioner. And with PhD Styling Treatment I can air-dry and style my hair in 10 minutes, when it used to take 25 minutes."

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A lack of quality control and overpromising

There are indeed reliable brands of shampoo out there that can be safely used for the upkeep and health of your hair follicles and prevent any sort of balding, but at the same time, certain products have not been manufactured up to the proper standard for quality assurance.

When you are browsing the haircare product aisle, it is likely that you’ll see a number of different products that are organized by their purported specialized benefits.

Some of the special benefits that the product should be able to deliver, according to what is advertised on the face of the bottle, range from cellular reconstruction to daylong fullness. You may be surprised to find that some of the most deceptively detrimental shampoo types will actually be those that are advertised as having a highly specific purpose.

Hair product facts and fiction

Initially, shampoo strips the hair of dirt molecules by using a medley of ingredients that go by the name of surfactants.

These ingredients are specially designed to bind with soil, dead skin, and all similar dirty particles – ideally, all of these will be washed away with the shampoo during the rinsing phase.

Conditioners are intentioned to make it easier for the hair to resist static. They also have a blend of fatty alcohols and silicones that can enhance the lubrication of the hair follicles after the shampoo has done its job.

While the purported benefits shampooing with these products that claim to be capable of things like cellular reconstruction may seem attractive, these claims generally aren’t very realistic.

Legal action

The public scrutiny of hair product efficacy has increased with high-profile cases against manufacturers for negative chemical effects, which may have been the cause of hair fall.

In one case, a woman was one of 200 who were even driven to file a lawsuit against WEN for the hair loss she suffered due to their conditioner.

Chemical threats

Generally speaking, the chemical compounds that the manufacturer will bill as being responsible for these special benefits, aside from simple cleaning, will actually be a dangerous element that will do more harm than good. In addition to being chemically corrosive, these products have been reported as being potentially carcinogenic as well.

The chemical compounds used to initiate these purported extra benefits in shampoo and conditioner have a greater chance of compounding any medical complications that come from introducing dangerous foreign agents into your hair follicles.

One of the main risks of using specialized shampoos without conducting a proper research is the fact that it can directly cause thinning of the hair. Shampoo, by virtue of how it works, is very good at removing the natural oils that your body produces in order to protect it from the elements.

While the shampoo may technically clean the hair, stripping away the natural oils could lead to your hair being far less capable of resisting the kind of damage that it would normally withstand without any problems.  All of these issues can lead to an increased risk of hair loss.

Does dry shampoo cause hair loss?

Rather than using an off-the-shelf shampoo and conditioner, many people also opt for using a "dry shampoo" - but this is also not free from controversy over whether it causes hair loss or not.

Dry shampoo is usually a spray or rub in powder that you can use without water to help keep your hair clean.  It does work well and is recommended for people who don't want to wash their hair regularly, but want to be able to keep their hair from getting to greasy (the powder absorbs the oils, which you then just brush out).

However, there has been some anecdotal evidence that using the dry shampoo? powder may cause some additional hair breakage at the roots, but this could only be related to the fact that the hair may become more brittle and tangled.

We all lose up to 100 hairs a day naturally, but as long as your body, hair and scalp is healthy, new hairs will be growing all the time.?

Conclusion - can shampoo cause hair loss?

Overusing shampoo, and giving yourself a natural oil deficit in the process, could greatly compromise the health of the scalp and actually accelerate the onset of male pattern baldness down the line.

Read our round-up of sufate free shampoos or our article on natural and organic hair care products.

Naturally, shampoo manufacturers are not going to be upfront about the fact that their gold-start products are actually more effective at completely removing your hair than removing the dirt inside of your hair.

In order to protect itself from all of the potential endocrine disruptors and carcinogens inside of faulty shampoo products, the best philosophy to adopt is “if it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.”

Can Red Wine Stop Hair Loss?

can red wine help hair growth
Does Red Wine Help Your Hair Grow

I was having dinner with my family recently when the topic of hereditary baldness came up. My nephews were worrying that they would inherit some genes from my father-in-law, who went bald when he was in his early twenties.

My nephew then dropped a comment that ended up being the discussion around the table for the next 10 minutes:?

"Drink red wine - it makes your hair grow!"

The views around the room, from the men and women, who all drink red wine was mixed. Some had also heard this tip and believed it, but others thought it was just another one of those old-wives-tales.

But it did prompt me to do some more research into whether red wine really does make your hair grow for my readers.

The French Connection

Many people make the immediate link with French people, who are well known for drinking wine from a fairly early age. The stereotypical French woman is seen as having thick, long, dark hair - so perhaps the idea or suggestion originally came from there?

french dog wine hair loss

A study was carried out on men from four countries, France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom and questions were asked about their attitudes to hair loss. Not only about their own hair and experiences, but also how they saw hair loss in others in their country.

The results were fairly consistent across all of the countries studied, which leads me to believe that French men are not more or less worried about their hair loss compared to anyone else - so drinking red wine (or having more hair because of it) does not seem to have an effect.

If their culture means that they drink more wine, you would expect that their attitudes might be different to places like the UK, who drink more beers (and afternoon tea!).

Internal Use Only?

It is commonly known that adding products directly to your hair does help your scalp and hair stay clean, which can be a great way to help promote new hair growth and help prevent hair loss.

Reservatrol is good for hair growth.

wine and hair loss reservatrol

However, red wine is not something that you would think to put directly to your scalp (especially as it can be expensive to buy). Some people have noted that chemicals such as Resveratrol, that is found in many different plants, including red grape skins and seeds (and therefore wine) can help prevent hair loss.

But Resveratrol is also known for being good for preventing heart disease, obesity and cancer, so I think it is a generally good substance - not specifically good for hair.

So if Resveratrol was really the “hair loss wonder drug” you would think that it would be included in many types of hair loss shampoo. If you search on Amazon for “shampoo resveratrol” there are very few matches at all, which is evidence for me that it does not really have that much effect - otherwise it would be a very common ingredient.

But saying that, Loreal has patented a product that contains grape seed, that is designed to be used in shampoo for men, specifically to target those suffering hair loss. So it might not all be rubbish after all - and there are Reservatrol supplements too that can be taken.

So will drinking wine help increase your Reservatrol levels?

drink wine to help hair growth

But does that mean you should be pouring bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon on your head in the shower to boost your reservatrol levels? Probably not. The amounts of chemicals such as resveratrol in the wine will be so small, they will not have any real effect at all.

The evidence points to that fact that you might be better off using a shampoo that contains grape seed extract or taking a supplement to get the additional boost. Grape seeds and skins also contain procyanidin oligomers that have been tested by scientists, who indicate that they help the stimulation of hair cells.

The extract is to be taken once per day, but you can also get a lotion that you can massage into your scalp too.

Note: If you want to try using grape seed extract, make sure you don’t buy Grapeseed, which is not the same thing (but is excellent for beating the common cold).

Grape seed extract is a regular ingredient in many shampoos and conditioners, even from larger companies such as Garnier. However, they are not sold specifically as hair loss treatments - it is just listed as an additional ingredient that will help keep your hair healthy - and keeping your scalp as clean as possible is one of the best tips I would give for keeping your hair loss to a minimum.

Wine will dehydrate your hair too.

Another point to remember is that when drinking alcohol, your body becomes dehydrated. Keeping your body healthy and eating and drinking the right things is also a great tip for keeping your hair healthy.

If you drink too much alcohol and don’t watch how much water you are also taking on the replenish your levels, you might find your hair gets dry and brittle and will fall out more easily.

What are people saying about Red Wine and hair loss?

Most of the evidence and talk around the benefits of using red wine to help you grow hair is based on drinking it (yay!). The most popular theory is that drinking wine will help increase the blood vessel size slightly, stimulate blood flow around the body and therefore help the scalp.

It has been shown that massaging the scalp to help blood flow in that area can be beneficial for hair growth - so wine might be helpful after all.

scalp massage helps hair growth

Not just wine?

The hole I would like to pick in this theory is that any kind of alcohol will help increase blood flow and therefore should make your hair grow faster and longer. You don’t hear people suggesting to drink Gin to grow more hair…

Many people on hair care forums have suggested that if drinking red wine was really the best thing, then they would have the longest hair in the world. I guess it might work better for some people than others though as there are people who swear by drinking red wine regularly.

Oestrogen, alcohol and hair loss.

If you are not a drinker, then eating foods containing the same or similar chemicals or buying red grapes should also give you the same benefits (as long as you get the seeded variety). Although, you would need to eat a heck of a lot of grapes to get the same amounts as you would get from a single supplement tablet.

Another chemical in your body that has a negative effect on hair growth is having too much Estrogen, which can block the hair follicles and stop them from working. As women get older, their Oestrogen levels change (as part of menopause) and they may suffer hair loss.

Drink in moderation.

Whilst hair loss can lead to your drink, the morning after a good session of any type of alcohol, the Oestrogen levels in your body rise, however normally only when you have drunk a considerable amount.

So whilst you might have the benefits of the chemicals from red wine in you, the hangover might lead to a sharp increase of the stuff that you really don’t want.

oestrogen and hangover

Alcohol has also shown to be a substance that can block B Vitamins from being absorbed. One of the main causes of hair loss is the high amounts of DHT in the bloodstream which can stop hair from growing (and is related to Male Pattern Baldness). Alcohol can stop the important B6 vitamin, which is great at blocking DHT from entering the hair follicles.

My Conclusion...

I think the conclusion to the question of if red wine will make your hair grow is that it could help in some circumstances but the overall evidence shows that there are too many negative aspects for it to be considered truthful.

There is evidence that the chemicals found in grape seeds and skins can be beneficial for your hair, skin and wellbeing and the rumour of getting benefits from increased blood flow also has a small amount of truth - but the morning after Oestrogen effect might cancel all of this out.

Stress is bad for hair loss.

One aspect that I have not seen mentioned in other forums and websites on the internet is that drinking any alcohol can help reduce stress, which has definitely been proven to be a major cause of hair loss (especially in women). So a little tipple at the end of each night might be a good thing after all.

There are many health drawbacks to drinking wine too, such as liver damage, stomach ulcers - not to mention alcoholism - so be responsible and keep your intake to a sensible level. I am certainly not advocating rushing to the store to stock up on a cheeky bottle of red.

You are probably much better off using a good hair growth shampoo and conditioner that only uses natural ingredients.

Over to you...

Have you heard of this too, or do you know it to work?  Or are you on the fence too?

Use the comments section below to let us know your thoughts.

Baking Soda And Vinegar Shampoo

baking soda shampoo

As you might know if you have read any other pages on this website, one of the best ways to help keep your hair growing properly is to keep it as clean as possible. In fact, if you are looking to regrow hair or stop your hair from falling out, the best action to take is to wash it more often, not less, which many people think.

Modern shampoos contain many man-made ingredients and can damage your hair and scalp, causing dryness, itching, flaky skin, brittle strands or split ends. They also are great at removing natural oils from our hair too. Us humans were not designed to put all these fake chemicals on our hair so often - so its no surprise that our hair becomes stressed and falls out.

I have always been recommended to use a shampoo that has as many natural ingredients in as possible - and another way to do this is to make your own using just water and Baking Soda.

Baking soda is an excellent natural cleanser and can be used in many different ways to keep you looking well and feeling great.

Using it on your hair is no exception either as the cleaning power of the Baking Soda is great at keeping your hair and scalp naturally clean - and at a fraction of the cost of the natural shampoos you can buy online or at the local store.

How And Why Baking Soda Shampoo works:

baking soda shampoo

Baking soda can be used to clean many different things and it is the fizzing, cleansing effect that you want to use on your hair and scalp. Don’t worry - it’s not going to fizz up and froth everywhere on your head.

What we are planning to do is use a weak solution that will be enough to help get your hair really clean.

One of the reasons that modern store-bought shampoos are not great for your hair is that they are too acidic. This can be measured in pH, a scientific scale of how acidic or alkaline things are. The lower the number, the more acidic the material is.

Hair has a natural pH level of 6.5 to 7, so ideally, we are looking for shampoos and products that are a match.

However, if you look at baking soda, this actually has a pH of around 9 or 10, which sounds way too alkaline to be any good for your hair - so we need a way to counteract its effects. You will be able to do this using an acidic vinegar rinse after applying the baking soda.

This additional solution will re-balance your hair back to its natural pH level, therefore it is a very important step.

Baking Soda Shampoo Recipe:

To make your own recipe, you will need to get a few things ready first before we start to measure out the baking soda and vinegar mixtures.

You will need:

  • 1 container for the baking soda shampoo.
  • 1 container for the vinegar rise solution.
  • A scoop to measure the product.
  • Some Baking Soda.
  • Some Vinegar.
  • Some water.

Create the shampoo mixture using only 1 part Baking Soda to 3 parts water.

Measure the baking soda and water into the first container, using the scoop, adding around 3 tablespoons worth and then 9 tablespoons of water.

Making the vinegar rinse:

For the vinegar solution, that you will use to counteract the alkaline levels of the soda mix, you will need to mix together:

1 part vinegar to 4 parts water.

Yes, it does smell a bit, but there are other ingredients you can add to this mixture to make it more palatable.

Try adding these all-natural ingredients to help make the vinegar rise not smell so bad:

Apple Cider Vinegar

apple cider vinegar can be added to your baking soda shampoo

Fruit Tea

apple cider vinegar can be added to your baking soda shampoo

Essential Oils

essential oils mix

?Use Apple Cider Vinegar instead of the usual product you get from the store.

This smells a lot nicer and is also a bit more natural too - and is just as effective.

You can add fruit tea leaves or tea bags to the mixture to give it a nice smell.

In fact, adding normal tea to the mixture can help improve the look of your hair if you have darker locks.

You could also add essential oils of perfumes to the vinegar mixture that will help take away the smell and stop you seeming like you have just stepped out of a British fish-and-chip shop.

You will need to experiment with the amount you put in, but as cider vinegar, tea and essential oils are natural, you can’t really go wrong.

How to use it:

The easiest way to use this mixture is to prepare it before hand into 2 squeezy bottles or ones that have easy to open lids.


Apply The Baking Soda Shampoo:

First, apply the baking soda shampoo, rubbing it into your hair all over, making sure you massage it into your scalp as much as possible (having a clean scalp will help regrow hairs if you are losing any).


Use The Vinegar Rinse:

Rinse with water after a few minutes and then apply the vinegar mixture, making sure not to get it in your eyes.

There are conflicting reports of how long this needs to stay on, with some people reporting keeping the solution under a shower cap for up to 15 minutes, whereas others instruct you to wash it away almost as soon as you put it on.

The reason for this is that everyone has different hair, thicker, thinner, greasy, fine, frizzy etc - you will just have to find the best timing for your vinegar rinse yourself.

We suggest to apply it for a few minutes and then thoroughly rinse away using just water. If your hair still feels dirty, re-apply the vinegar mix and extend the length for a few more minutes at a time, until you get it right for you.


If your hair still feels bad after several uses of the rinsing mix, it could be that you have not used enough baking soda in your initial shampoo.

Also, it could be because you have used too much essential oils in your rinse, making your hair feel too greasy.

Some people have also reported that the difference between hard and soft water may also be a cause of the baking soda shampoo not being very effective. If this is the case, you will need to boil some water first, let it cool and then use it for your mixtures.

Again, there is no “quick solution” that will fit everyone here, you will just have to experiment, check the instructions again and adapt the process to your own hair.

Get past the hard bit.

Unfortunately, if you decide to swap your regular shampoo for this DIY shampoo, there may be a period of time when you and your hair needs to adjust.

It could be up to 6 weeks before your hair fully takes to the new regime, but sticking it out through the rough stages will pay dividends in the end.

Baking soda shampoo and thin hair:

If you suffer from thin or fine and wispy hair, using the baking soda shampoo might be the best option for you. People with this kind of hair often find that off-the-shelf shampoo products are too aggressive and contain too many chemicals that will cause thin hair to become brittle and damaged easily.

Using this DIY shampoo recipe, you will be able to control the amounts perfectly and you will find that your hair should feel much better after using it for a few weeks straight.

Baking soda shampoo and dreads:

If you have dreadlocks, you might find that using the baking soda and vinegar shampoo to be an excellent way to keep them clean.

Using Apple Cider Vinegar is a great way to stop the dreads from feeling dry after washing and the baking soda can help keep them really clean as it is able to penetrate deep.?

Over to you...

Are you planning to use the Baking Soda shampoo, or have you been using it already?

Please let us know, using the comments box below.  Our readers would love to hear your story.

Also, please use the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus sharing buttons on this page to help spread the word about this article to your friends.?

Female Hormonal Hair Loss

ladies of a certain age menopause and hair loss

It’s amazing how much of an effect a woman’s hormones can have on their hair growth and health. In fact, changes to the hormone balance is one of the main causes of hair loss in women – at any age! We are not just talking about ladies in the menopausal time of their life, female hormonal hair loss is possible at any time of life.

We have spoken about DHT in many of our articles here and this chemical in the body is one of the main causes of hair loss in men and women. DHT is present in testosterone and oestrogen and is responsible for male pattern baldness, but also hair loss in females too.

If there is any time when a women has a hormonal imbalance, the levels of DHT in their body can rise, causing hair growth to slow or stop. These changes in the body will also have an overall effect on the hair too, causing it to appear thicker or thinner as your body struggles to cope with the additional changes you are going through.

The three main reasons for women to go through these changes are very common and are (luckily) not caused by anything horrid, like disease or illness.

Pregnancy And Hair

Women usually find that, when they are pregnant, their hair is fuller, in better condition, thicker and much nicer than when they are not. This is due to hormonal changes that cause additional hair growth to happen.

However, it is also common for women to experience hair loss in the few weeks following giving birth as the hormone levels in their bodies undergo a drastic change. It is estimated that nearly a quarter to a half of all women who undergo childbirth will see a change in their hair afterwards.  This is known as Postpartum Hair Loss.

The reason for this loss is basically a problem with timing. Your hair grows in cycles of rest, shedding and growth. If childbirth occurs at a time of rest or shedding, the dramatic changes the body undergoes may cause the cycle to become interrupted for a time, possibly up to 12 weeks afterwards. This can mean that you are stuck in a rest cycle, or even worse, the part of the cycle where old hairs are shed from your scalp.

Luckily, this does only last for a short time, but the whole process of getting your hair back into the correct cycle and your hair growth back to normal, can take up to 12 months. However, most women report that it gets back to normal after a few months. Although losing a lot of hair is distressing, it is important to recognise childbirth as a signal of the cause. Remember not to panic and make sure that you continue to keep your hair and scalp as clean as possible, ensuring that you take care of yourself whilst you are in this period of “hair limbo”.


There are many different side effects to taking an oral contraceptive so it should be no surprise that it could affect your hair growth too. After all, you are taking additional hormones that are stopping parts of your body working, so having thinning hair might be an unwanted outcome too.

If you are taking the pill and are finding that you are starting to have thinning hair or are seeing lots of hair loss, please speak to your doctor as soon as possible. It could just be as simple as being prescribed a different contraceptive product – but check with your doctor to make sure.

The Menopause

female hormonal hair lossWomen who are of “a certain age” will start to go through “the change” or The Menopause as it is properly known. During this time, they will stop ovulating, which causes other chemicals and hormones to start to be produced in the body.

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of this time is that more male hormones are produced which contain DHT, which we have already said, can be responsible for male pattern baldness or hereditary hair loss in men. One of the good things I can tell you about losing your hair at this time, is that it is not likely to continue. Whilst your body is going through the changes brought on by the menopause, your hair will become affected. After the changes have taken place and calmed down, your hair should be fine as the hormone imbalance returns to normal.

As with any hair loss issue, it is definitely worth speaking with your doctor to get their opinion. Menopausal women may find that drugs or treatments such as HRT (hormone replacement) might help stop their hair loss if it looks like it might be severe. Your doctor will help you make this decision, so speaking to them is the best course of action if you are worried.

Stay Sane!

hair loss hormones stay sane
Yes… A definite bad hair day…

I think that hair loss is much worse for women than men, mainly due to vanity (don’t shoot me!) but it is important to keep things in perspective as much as possible. Yes, hair loss can be caused by emotional and physical stress in both men and women – but there are many causes and also many treatments.

Your body is a complex machine that requires many parts all working together properly at the same time to be completely effective. Adjust one of these components with inner or outer stress and you will find that something will give – unfortunately, your skin or hair is often the victim.

Women go through many different hormonal changes in their lives, month after month, year after year. The cause of your thinning hair or loss that you are experiencing now, will usually pass and, given time, will fix itself for good.

Knowing that you are going through changes in your body or your life will help reassure you that you are not going to wake up completely bald one morning. However, any additional stress or anxiety is also not good for you or your hair – so speaking with a doctor to get the expert opinion might be the best option if you are not 100% sure what is going on.

Are you suffering from this right now? or do you have any more questions?

Leave a comment below and let’s discuss this problem.

Hair Growth Shampoo For Men

best hair growth shampoo for men

hair growth shampoo for menDo you have any idea about hair growth shampoo for men?  If you have no idea, it would be best to look some of the best rated shampoos and best selling ones that are well recommended for hair growth.

These types of shampoos can help in the stimulation of hair follicles and promote new hair growth – all in an easy to use bottle! In addition to that, these shampoos have the ability to give the hair boost it needs in order to grow quickly and more so healthily.

When choosing the best hair growth shampoo for men, you have to be careful since there are some of the products which are not to the required standard in the market. This may bring some complications to your hair.

Recommended hair growth shampoo for men.

Nioxin System 3.

This product is well-known for its hair stimulating treatments.

This type of product is great when it comes to treating your thinning hair.

Also, it helps in balancing the cysteine amino acids that promote the hair growth.

Revivogen bio cleansing shampoo.

It is a scalp therapy kind of treatment that normally goes on like a regular shampoo, but helps in elimination of male pattern baldness. Whenever you cleanse your hair, you have to do more than cleaning it.

The main reason for this is to replenish your hair specifically from the source and remove the residue that usually builds to stimulate new hair growth. With added nutrients and minerals, this kind of bio cleansing system is seen to be safe for continuous use and it will also help in restoring the hair thickness and the shine.

Phyto phytocyane revitalizing shampoo.

This is also another best rated product. It is recommended for long-term use since it works mainly in reviving the new hair growth and also stimulate more as well.

You may not get a chance to benefit from its immediate results, but the investment will be great. In order to see more dramatic results, you have to try using on balding or thinning hair.

Hair genesis revitalizing shampoo.

It is a full product kind of line that normally caters specifically to men with thinning hair, and has got additional conditioners including hair styling products to select from.

Unlike other cleansing products, this product is more of a primer and it is known to prepare the scalp for the new hair growth and also maximum effect.

Apart from that, this product is natural, safe and best alternative to the harsh chemical applications.

Dermenodex scalp cleansing shampoo.

Dermenodex scalp cleansing shampooThis product looks like something that a qualified doctor might decide to prescribe for the hair loss, but is normally much cheaper and more effective. This product has gained its popularity in the market simply because it is affordable to most of the people.

In the case of how it works, it is a heavy cleansing type of product which has got added nutrients that are best for hair growth. This type of product is ideal for men who want to promote their hair growth.

In conclusion, the above hair growth shampoos for men are currently the recommended products to be used.

Hair Thickening Products

best clip on hair extensions

Hair Thickening ProductsA lot of people get confused while going to try hair thickening products and get hard time to make a decision on which product to buy.  This decision leaves many people to consult experts in hair products, which can be costly.

At times, it is mostly hard to trust some of the experts since many of them are agents of companies that manufacture those products. It is even more frustrating that even after buying a hair product, it does not give people the desired results. The choice you are left with is to try as many products in the market until you find the right one.

Now, you should put a stop for all those worries since there are numerous and accredited hair thickening products in the market today. There is such a thing as the best shampoo in the market that gives you best results when you use it.

One great secret is that best shampoo does not lather while washing the hair, since it is not made from synthetic products or sulfates. This ensures the color of the hair is maintained and whilst using it, it will penetrate deep down the strands of the hair.

This sounds miraculous since most of the hair products found around cannot do that. They will lather instead and make washing harder and sometimes they clean out the color of the hair leaving it unattractive. A good shampoo will retain the color of your hair as natural the way it was when you were young.

Our choice: Nioxin Scalp Therapy

Nioxin scalp therapy is our top choice for help to solve all of your hair issues. It has the best fragrances, leaving your hair smelling fresh and does not lather in water.  You will be happy to find that this product is also useful for those people who produce a lot of oil on the ducts of the skin.

Nioxin scalp therapy will work well on most individuals since it washes clean those ducts and leaves the skin pores free from any blockage. Therefore there is no need of regular washing of your hair if your skin produces a lot of oil.

This sounds crazy but sure enough, it is the truth of the matter.

Runner up: Redken Body Full Volume Amplifier.

The Body Full Volume Amplifier Thickening Lift Spray Unisex by Redken is another superb hair thickening product. It does not use synthetic detergents found in the market because it is made of natural products and has no side effects.

The good thing also is that it lasts for a longer time after washing your hair than those other products before you repeat washing again.

Read more about the Redken product by clicking here.


Here are a few tips to help you make an informed choice when buying your hair thickening shampoo or product.

  • The packaging should be well designed in such a way that the user will have an easy time to use.
  • It should have a spray that is powerful enough to spray at or get to the base of hair strands.  Powerful sprays will ensure that even the greasy hairs will be washed effectively with much ease.
  • Users should be careful while buying hair thickening products in beauty shops, that is, they should not follow blindly the advertisements put across by the media.
  • A good investigation is necessary before one makes a purchase.

Using Nizoral Shampoo For Hair Loss

Nizoral Shampoo For Hair Loss

Nizoral Shampoo For Hair LossNizoral is a famous product name when it comes to producing top of the line hair care products. The company has released a new product called Nizoral shampoo for hair loss.

The Nizoral shampoo for hair loss has been formulated to treat and prevent Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, when it is still in its milder form.  The formula was also created to contain active ingredients called Ketoconazole, a proven anti-fungal treatment of infections that occur due to the presence of yeasts and fungi.

Certain fungal infections like ringworms can target the scalp and cause patches of hair loss. It can lead to temporary baldness and can cause the hair to become brittle and suffer from bald patches.  The formula of Nizoral addresses this issue, healing the scalp and combating the fungus that is causing temporary baldness.

Aside from treating the dandruff, it is already helping the hair solve the pattern baldness, making the hair healthier.  Nizoral also contains anti-androgenic effects; androgens when ingested by the body could help the hair follicle receptors by binding them. This means that early baldness could be prevented by the formula that is present in the product.

Other benefits of using Nizoral to treat hair loss.

The additional benefits of the shampoo include the ability of the formula to reduce sebum production.  Most of the time the proper hair production is hindered by too much sebum in the hair, it disrupts the normal hair growth.  If Nizoral is used, it can lead to the reduction of the sebum presence in the hair, allowing the hair to have a better process of hair growth.

The formula Ketoconazole is also known for reducing inflammation, it is able to help people who are already suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia or pattern baldness.

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How effective is Nizoral?

The product has undergone research testing in 1998, where they subjected 39 men who have pattern baldness aged 21 to 33 years.

The study included 4 groups, the 2 groups washed their hair using the product with Ketoconazole with 2% Nizoral shampoo for 2 to 4 times per week, for 3-5 minutes each time.

After careful observation, the researchers have noted that there was a positive impact on the individuals who used 2% Ketoconazole on their hair loss.  Results have showed positive signs, the sebum levels were decreased and the people who have used the product have reported having better hair condition.

Further tests were conducted in 2005; they have added more tests with regards to the effect of the product on hair growth.  After these successful tests, the FDA approved Nizoral products and officially allowed it to be used as treatment for seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff.  Whilst it is not directly marketed as a hair loss remedy, several tests have proven that it is able to prevent baldness.

How Long before Results are seen?

The results will vary; there are some individuals who have experienced positive changes after 6 months while some took as long as 1 year or more.

Nizoral shampoo for hair loss is highly recommended for men and women who already have pattern baldness and for those who want to reduce dandruff type problems.

For the best results, avoid using the product every day – it would be best to use it as hair treatment 2x a week instead of daily.

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Emu Oil Hair Loss Solutions

emu oil can be used for hair treatments too

Emu Oil Hair LossThere are multiple ways in which Emu Oil can be used, especially for alternative cosmetic and medical treatments. Another popular use is as a hair loss solution- and is yet another product used by many people, especially men.

This article will let you know all about the product and whether or not it actually works.

What Exactly Is Emu Oil?

Plenty of essential oils are available today, such as Argan, Coconut and Rosemary oil. Even though Emu Oil falls under the natural oil category, it is not obtained like most essential oils. Rather, Emu Oil is obtained from the fat of emus, the small-sized Ostrich-like Australian birds.

Out of all the ingredients in Emu Oil, 75% of them happen to be “unsaturated” fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids have always been regarded as “good fat.”

Emu Oil has become more and more popular among people since the level of LDL or bad cholesterol is reduced and HDL or good cholesterol is increased by it due to being rich in Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids.

Will An Emu Oil Hair Loss Solution Really Work?

The manner in which hair growth is stimulated by Emu Oil has a close relation to a substance referred to as phospholipids. In simple words, there tends to be no phosphorus in human skin and as a result, the absorption of phosphorus is automatically blocked by our body whenever elements containing phosphorus come into contact with human skin.

What is interesting about Emu Oil is the fact that no phospholipids are contained in it, which makes it an ideal candidate to be able to penetrate the human skin without any hindrance.

One research has even mentioned that Emu Oil is indeed related to hair growth. In the study undertaken by Dr. Michael Holick, it was discovered that Emu Oil stimulates hair follicles so that are reawakened and keep on growing hairs for a longer period of time.  As a result of which, hair re-growth has been increased by as much as 80%.

The research also added that people who tried an Emu Oil hair loss solution by applying the oil on their scalp experienced more notable results when it came to growth of frontal hair.  He was so impressed, he even made a patent on the idea too.

Another test study highlighted by a UK newspaper also found that when using Emu oil, the participants revealed a 45% regrowth of hair.  However, this study has been criticized for not using placebos or having any independent verification.

How is it used?

In order to be able to see noticeable hair re-growth results, you will have to be on the ball on this one as it is necessary to be apply Emu Oil to your scalp 3 times a day.  The good thing is that your scalp will not have greasy oil or residue because it will quickly absorb the Emu Oil, which is not the case with other natural oils.

Which Emu Oil should I buy?

As seen on the website of the AEA (American Emu Association), the quality of different Emu Oils is not the same. The AEA provides certain Emu Oil manufacturers with a certification that signifies that the product they are selling is of a refined quality and has passed their standards.

However, emu oil without AEA certification can also be of a higher quality – it all depends on the reputation of the manufacturer.  It is our recommendation to choose a product that has been tested and approved by them though.

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The bottom line is that Emu Oil hair loss solutions play an effective role in helping prevent the loss of hair and stimulating the re-growth of hair effectively.

Organic Shampoos For Hair Loss

information about organic shampoo products to stop hair loss

organic shampoos for hair loss

Hair is apparently the crown of a woman’s beauty. This does not mean that men should all be bald, because hair is good for everybody, unless of course you choose to cut all of yours off, which can also be good I guess – if you like that kind of thing.

Nobody likes to lose their hair involuntarily and it can be devastating, especially when you do not know what to do about it. There is good news if you are going through this nightmare.

There are organic shampoos for hair loss that can help stop the process of hair loss if used regularly, and in good time your mane will be back to its glory.

Benefits Of Organic Shampoo.

  • They help to revive and bring back to health hair that has been damaged by years of using harsh products.
  • Organic shampoos are made from 100% natural ingredients, with no artificial additives or chemicals.
  • They contain no chemicals, so are safe to use. Traditional shampoos have a lot of chemicals which can accumulate in the body over time and cause diseases such as cancer.  See our comprehensive list of ingredients for more information.
  • Most of them contain Tea Tree Oils  and Neem, which helps to reduce the microbial population on the scalp, preventing itchiness.
  • They do not contain ingredients that strip the hair of its natural oils and proteins, thus it stays healthy.

Organic shampoos are a really good choice for people who have lost or are losing their hair as they can help fortify and strengthen the individual hair strands. This reduces the chances of falling out due to weakness and, with time, the user’s hair gains volume and thickens again.

What Are The Best Organic Shampoos?

MGA Scalp Rescue Shampoo.

This is efficient as a very small amount needs to be used per wash. It is 100% natural and is suitable for all hair types.  Apart from giving a good lather, it also has a pleasant fresh scent.  Buy MGA Scalp Rescue Shampoo on

Jason Natural Products Thin to Thick Shampoo.

It has all natural hydroxyl and fruit acids that rid the scalp of dead skin cells, allowing nutrients to be maximally taken in. It is very good for hair thickening.  Click to view prices of the Jason Thin-To-Thick shampoo

Natural Oil Soap Nuts from Natural Shampoo.

It is 100% natural and can be used on its own without a conditioner. It is fragrance free to cater for those sensitive to fragrances.

Terresentials Organic Pure Earth Hair Wash.

This is great if you want to re grow a full head of hair. This is because it contains no chemicals. It can be found in scented and unscented varieties.  View all Terressential Shampoo on Amazon

Avalon Rosemary Volumizing Shampoo from Avalon Organics.

This shampoo is very high quality and is made from 100% organic ingredients. It adds volume to the hair and has a fantastic fragrance.  View discounted Avalon Organics prices on Amazon

Organic shampoos might cost a little more than traditional ones, but there is no price to the kind of good they will do your hair. When you first start using them, your hair will go through a transition period as the chemicals are removed from your hair but after that it will grow very healthily and you will be pleased with the results.

Organic shampoos are therefore good for treating your hair loss. Do not suffer through another day of senseless loss of hair.

Top Tips For Hair Growth

some sensible tips for stopping hair loss

some sensible tips for stopping hair lossAge is no longer a barrier to hair loss, whether sweet 16 or 60, all lose hair in various ways; when we are from the shower, and also when brushing the hair.

In the old days, hair loss was a sign of ageing, today, even using the wrong chemicals leads to hair loss and the embarrassment is the same.

We lose hair on our daily life operations. Some can be natural while others induced. Hair loss is such an embarrassment; it dents the owner’s image and leads to loss of self esteem.

Main Causes of Hair Loss.

  • Ageing
  • Improper nutrition
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Illness
  • Use of medications such as steroids

Curbing hair loss requires discipline and inviting habits into our lifestyle that will end into long term results.

Here are some critical basic practices we need to inculcate into our routine together with treatments to get better results:

Top tips for hair growth.

  1. Wet hair is very delicate, be gentle with it. Do not rub them dry or comb them when wet. Your hair will most likely break when wet, take caution. Wet hair leads to cramps hence breakage.
  2. Always massage the scalp region every time you wash your hair or before applying ointment to your hair. Massage stimulates the blood flow on the skin around your head; good blood flow in the head leads to better health and promotes better hair growth.
  3. While treating the hair to look beautiful, we need to avoid too much exposure to heat oriented methods. The heat make the shaft dry, as a result hair dries out and frizzy leading to massive hair breakage. And for the very same reason, avoid washing your hair with hot water. Use room temperature or cold water for washing the hair.
  4. Use better quality shampoo for helping to keep your hair growing.  Harsh chemicals can do real damage to your hair and scalp.
  5. Precautions alone are not enough to prevent hair from falling. You need to watch your diet. One needs to learn and welcome the hair growth friendly diets. Hair requires proteins and other nutrients to remain healthy and shiny. Ensure your diet features iron, protein, vitamins and other essential minerals.
  6. Drink a lot of water, keep the scalp clean, regularly trim your hair, and avoid hair unfriendly habits like taking coffee, caffeine and tobacco.

Hair loss prevention and control.

The most effective way to combating hair loss is the natural methods. Despite the technological advances and the availability of massive hair loss products on the shelves, the most effective methods have always been here with us.

Coconut Milk.

Coconut milk was log established to be one of the abundant sources of plant derivatives tissue nourishing. Preparing the coconut for hair treatment is very easy, just grind the white tissue and extract the juice. Massage the coconut juice directly on the hair scalp. This is a number one natural remedy for hair fall.

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Aloe Vera.

Aloe very has many medical functions. Aloe Vera has been used by many hair manufacturing firms to develop all natural products for hair solutions. The natural Aloe Vera juice is very critical in preventing hair loss. People with dry, irritated or infected head skin can apply the Aloe Vera fluid onto the scalp and will have positive results after some time. Wash the hair with Luke warm water and let rest for a few hours. Do this repeatedly until the desired results are obtained.

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Oil Massage.

Regular scalp massage is very healthy for hair growth and general human health. It is a good practice to have at least daily or once after two days massage. Some of the natural oils that are recommendable for hair massage include coconut oil, mustard oil, jojoba, lavender oil, and almond oil. Jojoba is specifically recommended because it naturally replaces the scalp sebum.

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Neem Treatment.

Neem is currently one herb that has very high demand. It has lots of beauty and health benefits. Boil a few neem leaves in water until the water level reduces by half. Cool it, down then rinse your hair. Do this repeatedly once every week.

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Alma Oil.

Obtain dried Alma and coconut oil. Add Alma to coconut oil then boil till black in color.  Massage the hair after the concoction cools down, natural methods to prevent your hair loss.

We can also introduce Alma into the daily hair routine: use Shikakai powder with Alma instead of buying from the stores. Do not use Shikakai if your hair is a dry type. Or alternatively, drink the two together; Shikakai and Alma juice.

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These are natural and cheap top tips to stop hair loss.

Use these tips to get along term for your hair. Keep it simple, natural and long term.