Does Hair Growth Shampoo Really Work?

does hair growth shampoo workThere are lots of shampoos that are being marketed as hair growth hair shampoos but do they actually help hair growth or are they simply an advertising and marketing trick?

For you to make an objective decision as to whether these work or not, one has to look at the science behind how they work. The very first reality that you need to understand is that your hair is basically dead and there is most likely no product that can make the lifeless hairs come back to life or regrow.

Nonetheless, there is hope – what these shampoos do is promote growth at the scalp and origin level.

A typical person’s hair will grow only half an inch to 3 quarter of an inch a month although research has actually shown that hair could expand quicker, given the right conditions. Even more intriguing is the discovery that certain minerals, vitamins or herbs could aid to promote the anagen stage by up to 40%.

Which herbs are good for hair care?

It has been found that one of the most reliable natural herbs is Hibiscus and its results on increasing hair are remarkable.  Other herbs that could be used, that showed promising results when tested, include the following:

  • Peppermint
  • Eclipta Alba
  • Nettles
  • Aloe Vera
  • Jojoba

The best shampoo for hair growth will certainly not just induce the growth of new hair and as we have said already, it will additionally assist to enhance the Anagen stage, which is the development stage of an individual strand, eventually making the hair look and feel fuller and thicker.

Not all hair growth shampoos work the same way and there are many natural hair shampoos that will help you keep your scalp clean, stimulated and prime for growing new hairs.  However, very few have the appropriate herbs and are often packed with vitamins that are not really useful, but sound effective.

Some hair shampoos also lack an adequate quantity (and good quality) of these natural ingredients for it to work anyway. Many of these shampoos and conditioners only have tiny quantities included and the product suppliers do this simply to put on the herb’s name on the label.

Which shampoo should I buy?

There are lots of hair shampoos that are being advertised as hair growth shampoos.

However, if they are used appropriately and correctly and uses as a component of an overall hair treatment, the hair growth shampoo can really work well.

For more information about which herbs, vitamins and minerals really work and which products have the best reputation, read our article where we list the top 5 shampoos for hair growth.

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