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Although this site is mainly about helping you choose the best type of shampoo to use if your hair starts to thin, or is falling out, I feel it is worth exploring other alternatives too, such as hair loss concealer.  The hair care industry is worth an estimated 81 billion dollars in 2015, so there are many different types of products and treatments out there.  Shampoo is probably only a very small part of that.

hair loss concealer powder exampleOne such product that I came across recently was hair loss concealer (also called hair fibers), make-up or bald patch concealer.  Available for both men and women, these products are designed to be a temporary way to hide any bald patches on your scalp, giving the impression that you have a full head of hair.

These hair building cosmetic products usually take the form of a “shaker” from which you apply the power or fibers, directly on to your head.  You can either use it to cover entire bald patches, or fill in smaller gaps where your hair might have fallen out.  Of course, they are made in a few different colors, but I suspect that people might struggle to get a good match if going for the all over cover.  Adding some powder to your roots will be easier to disguise any areas where hair is missing.

Again, I have to say that this is only a cosmetic treatment and under no circumstances will there be any improvement to the quality of your hair.  The concealer will not bring your hair back, make it grow longer, faster or thicker – just think of it as applying make-up to look good – it’s not a treatment.

How to use the hair concealer.

Make sure you buy the correct color as it might be noticeable if you are walking round with a bright ginger patch on your head.  Many companies offer free trials of their products, so you can test them and find out if they are for you and what the best color match is.

Shake the contents of the container on to the area where your hair is missing.  The small powder/fibers will stick to your existing hairs, making them look thicker and fuller.  Therefore, the balding areas can be covered quite quickly and easily.

Use a towel or flannel to remove any hair fibers that may have fallen on to your forehead, ears, neck or collar, so that it looks as neat as possible.

Some products state that adding some extra-hold hair spray on top will help it all stay in place.

So, what are the pros of using the hair concealer products?

  • They are quick and easy to apply – only 5 to 10 minutes per day.
  • Can be used to cover smaller spots where hair is thinning or missing.
  • The products are relatively cheap.
  • They come in a variety of colors to match your hair.
  • Will last for up to 10 hours at a time.
  • The concealer won’t blow away in light wind.
  • Is also semi-rain resistant.
  • You can wear it whilst at the gym, but getting very sweaty might not be ideal.
  • Is a great product to help your self-esteem.

However, there are some cons you need to consider if you plan to use this:

  • It will only stick to existing hairs – so people who have completely bald areas will not get any benefit from this.
  • Does not work well with heavy rain or very damp environments.
  • Seems to work better with longer hairs and will cling better if there is more hair.
  • You cannot touch your hair once you have put it on, let other people touch your hair, comb it, brush it or wear a hat without some of it falling out or the area being disturbed.
  • The fibers will fall out during the day, so you may find that you need to keep checking your collar, shoulders and forehead for debris that needs cleaning up.
  • You can’t use it overnight as it will come off on your pillow.
  • Wearing it for long periods may block your hair follicles, causing other hairs to fall out or more damage.
  • Needs to be washed out with shampoo or soap.
  • You can’t apply it too close to your hairline as it may look very dark and unnatural.  It works best in your scalp area.

As you can see, there are quite a few “cons” to using these bald spot concealers, so you will need to consider these before you buy – however, I can see that in certain situations, such as a night out for dinner or at an important meeting, it should be no fuss to use.

Best hair concealer products.

The products below are the top selling hair concealers on Amazon at time of writing.  I read the hair concealer reviews by the people who have bought them to get a feel for if they really are effective, or are just a popular brand that everyone buys.

Best Hair Concealer: TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers

TOPPIK is currently the best selling hair concealer product on Amazon and has a very high number of reviews and a positive rating – an average of 4.3 out of 5 from over 1200 reviews!

It works in the same way as we have described above, using Keratin based fibers that cling to your existing hairs, adding volume and covering smaller balding patches.  The reviews are all very positive and say things like “It just works!” and that “people can’t tell you are using it” which is excellent.  You will always get negative feedback and many people who have complained about it not working have not elaborated on why, so it may be that they were expecting a result that would just not have been possible, such as covering an entire bald area.

TOPPIK comes in different colors.

One of the great things about TOPPIK, compared to other products (see our Caboki review further down) is that it comes in a wide variety of colors that allow you to match it to your hair.  There are 9 different shades available, ranging from black, to auburn through to white!  I was very impressed when I saw that they catered for people with white hair.

See the different colors available on Amazon.


TOPPIK have also made a large number of additional products you can use to help apply and manage their hair concealer.  There are applicators, that help you add it to your hair and special combs that let you manage your hairline better, making it look more natural.

However, you won’t need to get these additional products – they are just there as optional extras – but it does show that the people who make TOPPIK have thought of everything.  This video shows how TOPPIK can be used to boost hair volume by applying it direct to the roots, in places where hair may be thinning or is missing already:


Buy TOPPIK on Amazon.

Runner up: Caboki Hair Loss Concealer

It seems that Caboki is the second best hair loss concealer product on the market at the moment and certainly, the reviews are very favorable too.  However, based on some of the YouTube videos I have been watching for researching this article, it does look like they have some marketing plans to give away free samples in exchange for reviews – so although the videos are great examples of how Caboki hair loss concealer works and the “before and after” effect it can have, I do not believe that they are all impartial.

This has lead to some people thinking that Caboki is a scam and does not work, but I think they just don’t understand how it works and what it does.  They are expecting it to be a more permanent solution, which it is not.

Caboki side effects

There are a few people who have used Caboki that are attributing it to some other side effects, allergies or rashes.  Users have also complained of getting a cough or sinus issues – however this could also be caused by many other things and is not necessarily a direct side effect of using Caboki.

Because these hair concealer fibers are made from plants, there is a small possibility that you may end up with a slight reaction.  However, this is also true for any other hair-care product.

Get more information and buy Caboki now on Amazon

Probably the best video I found is this one, showing the process of applying Caboki hair fiber spray and the results.

As you can see, it makes his hair look thicker and fuller, although he does end up with a quite noticeable hairline – but this was just a quick video, so you could take more care over using it yourself.

Caboki says it is a 100% natural product (read about why we prefer all-natural hair care products) so I was glad to put this one top of the tree.  The official blurb states that Caboki is made from Plant Fibers and no synthetic dyes or chemicals, which is excellent.

People who have used it have remarked that it is very quick and easy to use and also very effective at covering small balding areas.  However, it will not work when covering areas that are totally bald as it needs some hairs to stick to.  People who have bought Caboki on Amazon give it anaverage rating of 3.8 out of 5 and there are over 400 reviews to date.

Over to you.

Are you planning to use these kinds of products to help hide your balding patches – or is this something you use already or have used and didn’t get on with?

Use the comments below to share your story and help others decide if using hair loss concealer is the best option for them – or, are the 2 options above the best hair building fiber products, or do you know of a better one?

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