How Biotin Helps Promote Hair Growth

biotin supplements hair lossHair loss can be humiliating and studies shows that a normal person can lose up to 100 strands of hair daily. This can be more when you don’t take proper measures to curb hair loss.

One of the major cause of hair loss is attributed to genetic factors, but diseases and deficiency of important nutrients such as Iron and Biotin are also major causes of hair loss.

The ageing process and thyroid diseases are also factors that contribute to hair loss.  Complete hair loss may also occur after very intensive treatments such as chemotherapy.  Though there are innumerable hair loss treatments, Biotin is one of the natural products that is reputed and recommended to treat hair loss.

Other causes of hair loss include:

  • Stress.
  • Nutritional changes especially food low in biotin.
  • Hormonal changes like those in puberty, pregnancy and menopause may also cause reversible hair loss.

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How Biotin Helps Promote Hair Growth.

Biotin is a vitamin B component that provides body with nutrients and vitamins needed for fast and strong hair and nail growth. Biotin will boost body metabolism which will help break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins necessary for faster growth of thick hair.  The overall effects is that there is better production of healthy hair.

Biotin is also referred to as Vitamin H and it can protect your body against any drying of hair follicles.  Biotin is also good at increasing blood supply to the scalp. Increased usage of Biotin also dilates scalp blood vessels, giving an increased supply of oxygen encouraging hair growth and helping to prevent hair loss.

Biotin will also increase elasticity of hair follicles and of the hair cortex.  This will encourage better hair growth and also help maintain hair color.  Increased elasticity will help to prevent breakage and other damages that stop your hair from growing well and thickening.

Reviews shows that when Biotin is used together with Tripeptide GHK a 58%-78% increase in hair length is recorded. Biotin contains molecules similar to Minoxidil which have been proved beyond doubt to enhance hair growth. In addition, hair specialists recommend using Biotin because it is a natural product which has no side effects.

Though not proven, scientists suggest that Biotin deficiency has direct bearing on the hormone called Androgen – especially on males, Androgen is associated with form of hair loss. Biotin deficiency may encourage the early activation of Androgen levels in women and men which would cause hair loss.

Sources of Biotin.

Diet is one of the best sources of giving yourself more Biotin. Though not effective to treat hair loss, keeping an eye on your diet will help to maintain normal Biotin levels without using supplements.

Some of the foods rich in biotin include:

Fruits and Vegetables.

Fruits such as apples, bananas, avocados and raspberries are good source of Biotin. Vegetables such as sweet potatoes, organic mushrooms, cauliflower and carrots all offer greater levels of Biotin.

Poultry, meat and Fish.

Meat, especially liver is good source of Biotin.

Nuts and Wholegrains.

Grains such as peanuts and almonds are wonderful sources of Biotin.

Biotin supplements.

Although Biotin deficiency is rare, some individuals suffer and therefore they need supplements. In addition, when suffering hair loss, just concentrating on getting your diet right may not be enough to help.  You might need a boost from a supplement.

Biotin supplements contain most of the nutrients that are a help to treat hair loss. It contains magnesium which helps in healthy scalp regeneration and it is also rich in amino acids which help in hair pigmentation. When used together with these nutrients, it definitely brings back hair without using other products which might be more expensive and have more side effects.

Not all people are fit to use Biotin supplements as some individuals can be allergic, and therefore you will need to inform your doctor before using this supplement. Biotin supplements should only be used when you are already eating a proper diet.

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