Make Your Own Natural Hair Growth Shampoo

Are you disappointed by your slow hair growth or tired paying for costly commercial shampoos that don’t look to be the solution to your problems? If the answer is yes then the following usual hair growth inspiring shampoo formula may be the answer to your problem.

Slow hair growth can be brought by a several diverse problems , fortunately there are a numbers of natural elements that can be used in natural shampoo formula to arouse your hair growth. It will also help to make your hair appear healthier looking, thicker and longer.

This natural hair growth inspiring shampoo formula is also easy and cheap to make and calls for elements you can easily find at your local grocery store.

You will needs these items to prepare for your natural hair growth shampoo formula:

  • 2.5 cups of water.
  • 5tbsp grated ivory soap.
  • 2 peppermint tea bags.
  • 1tbsp dried and crumbled rosemary sprigs.

How to make your own natural shampoo.

You begin by preparing the natural hair growth inspiring shampoo formula by grating a little of ivory soap with a cheese grater. You don’t have to use all the grated soap for this formula.  Any that you don’t use can be kept in a Ziploc Bag, it will be useful for your next batch.

ivory soap is also one of the small pure soaps that is not expensive. It has a natural hair growth motivating shampoo formula will help you gets rid of the dirt and oils from your hair without using needless toxins or chemicals in your hair.

Dissolve the soap

After grating the soap get the 2.5 cups of water to heat up in a saucepan. Put in 5 table spoons of grated ivory soap to the water and mix continually until the soap has dissolve. Once the soap has dissolved take away the saucepan from the heat. Ensure that the soap has totally dissolved before taking away the pan from the heat.

Add the peppermint tea.

Next put two Peppermint Tea Bags in the saucepan.  Peppermint obviously arouses hair growth in a many ways and it’s presence in your natural hair grow shampoo will boost your blood circulation in the scalp, inspiring hair growth and making your hair appear healthy and shiny.

Putting in peppermint to the natural hair growth stimulating shampoo will also help the shampoo take away any dried oils from your scalp which will encourage hair growth.

Rosemary next…

After you put the Peppermint Tea Bags in the saucepan, add 1 table spoon of dried and rosemary sprigs to the pan. Cover the pan and allow the mixture to steep for about 10 minutes.

Final preparation, steeping and mixing.

Mix the mixture every two to three minutes whilst it is steeping.

Rosemary is an outstanding way to naturally arouse hair growth. Rosemary being there in the natural hair growth inspiring shampoo will boost the circulation of your blood in the scalp helps you to bring the nutrients that your hair needs to grow thick and strong.

Rosemary is also antiseptic in nature and using it in the natural shampoo formula will help helps unclog hair follicles of dirt which can slow down hair growth and stop hair from getting the nutrients it needs.

Leave to cool

Once the natural hair growth shampoo has steeped, take away the tea bags and allow the mixture to cool. After the mixture has cooled, strain it into clean 20 0z soda bottle and screw on the lid.

Your new shampoo is gentle enough to be used several times per week making sure you take care to lather the shampoo in to your scalp for a number of minutes before rinsing it out.

Your hair should look healthier and the shinier after the first few uses and after one or two week of use your hair should look thicker and stronger.

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