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Hair growth product choices abound on today’s market. The prices range from under one dollar per bottle to serious money.

So... which hair growth product should you choose, and why?

Consider choosing an all-natural hair growth product, instead of merely picking a product on sale or at the lowest price.

Why use natural hair growth products?

There are numerous benefits to using an all-natural hair growth product.

Here are some of the best reasons to use a natural product, including:

#1: They use only natural and organic ingredients.

natural shampoo organic ingredients

Natural hair growth products and tonics are made from organic and other nature-based materials. You don’t need to worry about putting harsh chemicals or toxic products on your scalp.

Instead of merely treating your hair, you will be nurturing and nourish it with a healthy product.

#2: Vitamins and minerals included.

shampoo with vitamins and minerals

An all-natural, organic hair growth product uses vitamins and minerals to increase the quality and quantity of your hair.

Use a product on your hair and scalp that you already need to make your hair grow and improve your all-over health at the same time.

#3: No harmful chemicals are used.

hair products with no chemicals

An all-natural hair growth product contains only ingredients found in nature. No harmful chemicals created by humans are used.

So you can safely encourage your hair to grow in a chemical free manner that will cause no harm and leave your hair looking better than ever before.

The benefits continue to keep the environment free from harsh chemicals that might harm the world we live in, too.

#4: Natural shampoos are gentle on your hair, scalp and body.

gentle natural shampoo

Using healthy ingredients for your hair growth avoids using harmful chemicals, which makes it gentler on your body, scalp and hair.

The benefits continue to keep the environment free from harsh chemicals.

#5: Not tested on animals.

shampoo not tested on animals

All-natural products don’t use animal testing. No one wants to see innocent animals used for testing and experimentation.

Those who test all-natural hair growth ingredients do not harm or kill animals when testing their products.

#6: They are often made by hand.

handmade shampoo

Many natural hair growth products are made by hand, employing people in the process.

Also, handmade products cause less harm to everyone by preserving the environment.

Popular natural hair growth product ingredients

Argan Oil

Argan oil natural shampoo ingredient

According to Wikipedia, Argan oil has been traditionally used to treat skin and hair for generations. Moroccans traditionally have used the oil from the kernels both to eat with bread and to condition their hair.

The moisturizing qualities of this all natural oil have been long known to enhance hair growth and the way hair looks.

Aloe Vera

aloe vera natural shampoo ingredient

Aloe Vera is another well known, historically used treatment for sunburn and dry skin that works as a hair growth enhancer.

This spiny succulent plant’s juice can be squeezed right out of the plant for use, but purchasing an all-natural product that contains Aloe Vera is more feasible for routine use.

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Saw Palmetto Oil

aloe vera natural shampoo ingredient

Saw Palmetto is the oil of a palm found in the Southern United States. It has been used to help prevent hair loss as well as prostate problems, but more research would be helpful in understanding how the plant’s oils work.

Finasteride, an ingredient in Saw Palmetto, has been used to treat both hair loss and prostate issues.

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Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil organic shampoo

Melaleuca Alternifolia, found in Australia, is the source of tea tree oil. The oil has traditionally been used as a hair and scalp treatment, to prevent dandruff and to prevent head lice.

Tea tree oil is massaged into the scalp and left on for a few minutes, then rinsed out to encourage hair growth. It can also be added to shampoo and used in that manner.

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Jojoba Oil

jojoba oil shampoo

Jojoba oil comes from the extracted oil of the jojoba tree. This particular oil works very much like human skin oil.

For that reason, it is an excellent treatment for dry scalp and hair. It can be stored for a long period before going bad. People have been using jojoba oil to condition the hair and scalp has traditionally for generations.

It also promotes the growth of hair. Jojoba also contains essential ingredients such as vitamin E, Vitamin B, copper and zinc to promote and encourage healthy hair growth.

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biotin shampoo natural

For more beauty and hair growth tips, watch this video by Dr. Oz on Biotin:

It is believed that biotin improves the keratin protein structure of both skin and hair. Improved keratin leads to improved hair growth.

So, taking biotin increases hair growth by making your hair healthier.

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The natural way to increase hair growth

When you use natural, healthy ingredients, you can help your entire body look better and work optimally.

So it’s logical that using the best products, made of ingredients from the earth, will help your hair growth goals turn into realities without hurting the environment.?

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