Progaine Volumizing Shampoo

In this article, we are looking at Progaine Shampoo which promises to make your hair look thicker and fuller.

Unfortunately, losing our hair is probably something we all have to go through in our lives, some more than others.

Despite this fairly definite certainty, one section of the population that might end up with more hair loss than others are those that already have very fine hair or have areas that are thinner than others - for example on the crown, or around the temples.

If you have got this type of hair already, you will know the pain of trying to keep it looking good and the management you have to apply through hair care products, all which promise to boost volume or make it appear thicker.

Despite all of these hair products being available on the market, not all of them make much of a difference and those that do can often be very harsh and have additional chemicals added that will end up doing as much harm to your hair as good.

However, if you want a good shampoo that helps make your hair look and feel thicker, try Progaine Volumizing Shampoo.

Benefits of using Progaine Volumizing shampoo:

There are many products on the market that offer similar claims to Progaine shampoo, so it is worth checking what the say they can do and who and what types of hair they are best suited for.

  • Progaine is excellent for people with thin or fine hair, looking for a product to boost the volume and thickness.
  • The ingredients in Progaine are designed to penetrate the hair and help improve the health of the strands. Having good hair health is important to keeping it looking great.
  • If your hair is patchy, not completely covering parts of the scalp, this shampoo has a volumizing formula, which will help increase the volume of your hair, helping to cover those areas.
  • The ingredients in this volumizing shampoo are designed to help improve the quality and health of your hair as well as help it look and feel thicker.

Progaine Pros And Cons:

If you are a man suffering from thinning hair, then this is excellent and can make a big difference. It is not designed to promote the regrowth of your hair, but it is great for helping give the appearance that you have a thicker and fuller head of hair.

With the additional volume that it provides, the hairs are "plumped up" giving the appearance of you having more hair. Added to that, you get the additional benefit of the ingredients that help strengthen the hairs, giving them extra health.

Having a healthy scalp and hair is one of the best ways to keep your hair strong and stop it from falling out. It is also important to not have a shampoo that is too harsh and the formula is very soothing and will not cause any irritation when you are using it.

A great benefit of having thicker and fuller hair is that it becomes more manageable. It is easier to style and will help you be able to wear your hair in any style you choose. Progaine shampoo has been developed by a company that is one of the leaders in hair technology, so you know you can trust them and their product has been rated very highly on sites like Amazon.

If you are looking for a shampoo that helps treat hair loss, then take a look at the Pura d'or Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo, which has been the top selling product on Amazon in this area for some time.

It is also my top recommendation for a shampoo for hair loss and growth.

Why is Progaine so popular?

Put simply, if you are male and have thinning hair, then this is probably the best product for you right now. It is excellent at helping to give the appearance of a thicker full head of hair and Progaine is also designed to not be too harsh on the skin.

I am confident that you will be able to see the difference this product makes to your hair. As I have already said, this is not a shampoo for hair loss, so it will not help you get your hair back, but it will certainly give your hair more coverage, giving the impression that you have more.

If you are thinking of having some sort of treatment for hair loss, then this product will be the perfect accompaniment whilst you are waiting for the results.

In summary, this is a quick and easy way to get richer and fuller looking hair if you have thinning areas and is one that has been tried and tested by many people, mostly with excellent results.

It is gentle too, which means that you are not overloading your hair with any harsh chemicals that will dry your hair, skin and scalp, which in turn can make hair loss worse.

Has Progaine been discontinued?

There is some chatter around the internet that Progaine has been discontinued and is not available to buy any more - this is unfortunately true.  However, the product is still available to buy online and you can even find it at your local drug store too.

If you are unable to find Progaine for sale any longer and are looking for a replacement, please read our article on hair thickening shampoos for men.


2 thoughts on “Progaine Volumizing Shampoo”

  1. Used this product for many years and loved what it did for my hair. Then, out f nowhere, it was gone. I am an 82 year old woman and would still love to use it. Amazon price is $209.00. I almost died when I saw that.

  2. Please start selling again, I’m not real good on the computer, but I see amozon selling it for $200. I’m sure it can’t be the real stuff.
    So many people I talk to are so sad,& specially cancer patients we will pay a higher price just please start making it I know I would buy a couple of cases! Please please please at least tell me something I could get to replace it. I’ve spent so much money trying myself and have wasted so much money please help me what can I buy that it’s like procaine volumizing shampoo for women?????


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