Reduce DHT For A Natural Hair Loss Remedy

Hair loss related to too much DHT in your body can also be considered to be male pattern baldness.

Unfortunately, this is a very common problem for men and can be passed to them from their parents.

In fact, a shocking statistic is that when you reach the age of 20, around 20% of men will also be experiencing hair loss. This rises to 50% by the age of 50.

The fact that this hair loss problem is hereditary and also something that men would love to avoid, it has turned the hair loss industry into a billion dollar opportunity for companies to exploit people who want to stop it from happening.

Is hair loss common in just men?

Even though hair loss in men is very common, it is still very embarrassing and most men would hate to lose their hair. Imagine if you were going bald when you reached your 20s – not something that you would want to happen at all.

Often, people just assume that there is nothing that can be done as the problem is hereditary and just suffer bald patches. However, even though it might be in your genes, there are possibilities that it can be stopped.

What role does DHT play in hair loss?

Other than genetic issues, the main cause of hair loss (especially in men) is DHT. DHT is a sex hormone that is produced from testosterone and this chemical is the cause of hair loss in men. Of course, there are other factors that effect the health of your hair, but DHT is one of the main problems for men.

DHT is the cause of thinning the hairs, making them appear thinner and lesser, with the hair eventually falling out at the root and not growing back. This is known as follicular miniaturization.

Which drugs inhibit DHT?

Luckily, there is an FDA approved drug that helps inhibit DHT and therefore reduces hair loss.

The drug is called Finasteride and was originally designed to help treat prostate cancer, but the side effects on hair growth were quite amazing. However, like with many drugs, the side effects are quite bad and therefore it is not recommended to take this just to help your hair problems.

As soon as you start messing with testosterone levels in the body, other things can be affected, so it is not a great remedy. Also, the drug is not a “magic bullet” treatment either – once you start taking it, you have to keep doing so. If you stop taking the Finasteride, the DHT levels rise again and you would start the same hair loss all over again.

Is there a natural DHT blocker?

Like many drugs, products that stop DHT all have their basis in nature and therefore there is the possibility to use a natural hair thinning remedy, rather than popping pills every day.

The reason why DHT stops hair from growing, is that it blocks the hair follicles from absorbing any nutrients you might get from your food. The natural cures help disperse the DHT throughout the body and therefore stop it from concentrating in the hair follicles all the time.

There are lots of natural hair thinning remedies and products that can help you. These include treatments that stimulate hair growth, help clean the scalp and pores and keep your hair healthy. Also, they are not too expensive either, which is great, seeing as some of the other hair treatments can be quite expensive.

They are also safer to use, compared to medications, as there will be less side effects and definitely less chance of problems by using them for longer periods of time.

Most people have a real shock when they realise that they are losing their hair and go straight for the expensive chemical treatments, that cost the earth and are quite aggressive in their treatment. You may not even think to look and see if there is a natural product that can help.

What are the benefits of natural remedies as DHT blockers?

Some of the benefits of using natural remedies that can help stop your hair from thinning are as follows:

  • They give you all of the proper vitamins and nutrients that you hair needs to help stay healthy and grow properly.
  • They keep your scalp clean and free from grease and dirt that might stop your hair from growing from the follicle properly. 
  • They help reduce and disperse DHT around the body so that it can’t damage your hairs roots. 
  • They also help stimulate your scalp, helping blood flow in the right place, which will help your hair follicles stay healthy and ready to grow hair. 
  • The natural products also help to keep your entire scalp healthy, which is very important if you want new hairs to grow. 

Luckily, there are lots of products to choose from that can help and most are available from your drugstore or online from websites like Amazon. They are easy to use and can be put to use every day without any side effects, which is definitely safer than taking medication every day. DHT related hair loss is definitely something that can be treated and even prevented when you start to use simple and natural hair loss remedies.

The fact that there are no nasty side effects from these treatments, shampoos and products is a big selling point and you should definitely look to use these before seeking any more costly or risky solutions.

If you are serious about stopping hair loss from DHT problems and want to do it safely, then using natural hair thinning remedies is definitely the answer.

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