Best Sulfate Free Shampoo For Keratin Treated Hair

In this quick review article, we look at which product is the best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair, why they are good products and why they are important to use regularly.

Many people use one kind of shampoo or the other. Few however, know the chemical compositions of these shampoos unless of course, when they are in the market looking for a specific kind of shampoo. Despite this ignorance, sulfate free shampoo remains the best choice for keratin treated hair.

Such shampoos reduce chances of inflammation and irritation on the hair and scalp while improving moisture retention capabilities. They prevent the scalp from taking in harmful chemicals and help the hair retain color and natural oils. These special shampoos do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which strips such of natural oils from keratin treated hair.

Here is a review of three, including our choice of the best sulfate free shampoo for people with keratin treated hair.

1. Natural Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner by Keratin Research

Made by Keratin Research, this moisturizing shampoo and conditioner set offers a combination of moisture, superior protection and lasting shine and is therefore suitable for colored hair.

It also is appropriate as an after care product for keratin treatments.

It contains essential amino acids, hydrolyzed keratin and other moisture rich ingredients that nourish, strengthen and hydrate the hair and prevent hair breakage, dryness and even split ends.


These superior ingredients help ensure the hair is stronger, healthier and shiny. The shampoo and conditioner set is great for diverse hair types including curly, wavy, fizzy and dry hair.

Infused with the elixir that is Moroccan Argan oil, this shampoo and conditioner combo eliminates unwanted curl and frizz in the hair, promotes substantial hair growth and blocks offensive effects of humidity.

Natural Argan Oil-infused sulfate-free Shampoo has a rich formula that brings together cleansing and nourishing elements that produce luxurious lather. Keratin Research use only high quality ingredients, carefully formulated to deliver exceptional value easily. This shampoo and conditioner combo works the hair leaving it strong, healthy, vibrant and yet very manageable.

The shampoo’s advanced formula is gentle for all hair types, color-treated and premed hair included. The beneficial nature of Argan on the other hand, gives the hair a youthful look, all the time.


It may lead to itchiness due to buildup of an olefin compound contained in the shampoo. However, washing the hair thoroughly after every application should help prevent accumulation of this compound in the hair.


2. Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo from Opulent Care

This sulfate free Argan Oil shampoo is great for color treated and dry hair as well as damaged hair.

It’s gentle keratin treatment formula also consists of Jojoba Oil, which works well on oily, curly, fine and even straight hair.


This comprehensive hair product is rich in Argan Oil, which is laden with important ingredients like essential fatty acids, carotene and Vitamin E.

These ingredients give the hair a smooth, glossy and voluminous appearance on the outside and overall healthy feeling on the inside. It also contains Jojoba Oil whose great hyper-allergenic quality helps prevent irritation of the scalp since it eliminates cogs from the pores. Jojoba Oil also rejuvenates the hair by replacing oil that exposure may have stripped off.

The shampoo’s sulfate free formula balances the levels of collagen and keratin. While these two compounds are present in the hair, they influence its perfect health only if available in appropriate proportions. This shampoo helps attain the rightful proportions thus boosting hair health.

Opulent Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo with its innovative sulfate free moisturizing formula, keeps the hair clean. It gives additional protection by creating a layer that fights the effects of humidity. Its unique blend of collagen and keratin not only fosters hair growth, but also keeps it straight and well responsive to styling throughout the day.

The shampoo also maintains and prolongs the effects of all hair treatments.


Though it smells nice, many customers find it less moisturizing. This may however be due to improper application procedures. Proper application involves massaging the hair and scalp while wet, with a reasonable amount.

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3. Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner by Deluge

Argan Oil Shampoo with moisture repair has a formula that gently cleanses, nourishes and restores natural softness of the hair while also improving its appearance and overall health.

This shampoo contains Omega 3 and Omega 9 as well as other fatty acids. It also is paraben, sulfate and phosphate free and as such is safe for washing both chemically and color treated hair.


Its rich formula treats the hair and repairs damages that result from chemicals, harmful environmental factors and excessive heat used in styling. It also helps conditions and detangles the hair while enriching it with keratin, Argan oil and Omega 3 thus helping repair and smoothen the cuticle. This process is essential in improving the overall structure of the hair.

This shampoo’s unique composition presents some key elements responsible for revitalizing and renewing the health of all kinds of hair. Regular usage of Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo leaves the hair shiny, silky and manageable.

Its key ingredient, the Argan oil serum, increases the hair’s moisture balance and protects it from UV damage while preventing breakage and splitting. Overall, it makes the hair smooth. The oil is also a good moisturizer that takes care of the scalp as well.


Some customers complain that this shampoo does leave the hair feeling oily and unruly after only a few hours. You can however eliminate the oily feeling by washing the hair properly and including the accompanying conditioner in all hair washing incidences. Together, they make the hair shiny, easy to style and without the oily feeling.

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Why do you need to use special shampoo on keratin treated hair?

Keratin treated hair is delicate and requires gentle treatment. Failing to include shampoos while cleaning such hair may make them dry, brittle and unmanageable since most cleaning agents will strip your hair of any natural oils they have.

Shampoos help improve the hair’s moisture retention capabilities. Washing your hair without shampoo therefore means that both your scalp and hair will have little moisture and eventually becoming itchy and even sore.

Shampoos also help give your hair added luster. Opting to wash your hair without shampoo as such, leads to breakage and split ends. This eventually makes the hair strands and follicles weak.

Our verdict:

The products shared here above perform well in keeping the hair looking young, shiny and manageable. Used continuously, they can improve hair growth substantially.

Even though all have great active ingredients, Natural Argan Oil Shampoo by Keratin Research performs impressively and gives greater results when you weigh all their performances on a standard scale.

It as such, is the best sulfate free shampoo for keratin treated hair.

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