Tips To Stop Hair Fall

take actoin against your hair loss nowHave you noticed that your hair might be thinning for some reason or perhaps you have been aware that you are losing your hair for some time? Or it could be that you have started to notice hair fall in the shower or on your pillow and you are starting to worry and think about how you can stop your hair loss from getting any worse.

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer to that question and no quick fix either, but there are a few easy steps and tips you can use to help you keep your hair.

The main reason for hair loss is an imbalance with your hormones. Only when you can treat this underlying problem will you be able to treat your hair fall.

One of the most important pieces to the hair loss cure puzzle is looking after your scalp properly – which is one thing that most people forget to do properly.

Take action now!

If you were like me, you will have tried not to worry about your hair falling out and not taken the advice of people to get it looked at as soon as possible. That is the first big mistake you can me. If you think you have a problem – visit a doctor as soon as possible. The longer you put it off, the worse the condition will become.

Your hair is an excellent barometer for your general health and if you have problems in that area, it can be a sign that there are other issues that need treating. If you try to ignore it, the problem can become much worse. By ignoring your hair fall issues, you might cause additional problems that, in the end, will make your hair problems worse.

You have to realise that your body is a machine that works together to achieve a healthy balance.

It is likely that you did not “just have” an imbalance of hormones that caused your hair loss. The chances are that there were other issues that were contributing factors that built up, causing your hair and scalp problems.

If you looked at them individually, they would not cause too many problems for your “machine”, but together and over time, they would cause big problems. To try to fight this, your body kicked in an additional production of hormones which could have ended up with you having hair loss.

Without you taking action straight away on the problem, your hair fall has been allowed to increase – something that could have been stopped earlier if you had taken action sooner.

So, today is the day when you do take action against your hair and health problem. The more out of control your hormone balance is, the worse your hair loss will become.  It is not too late.

Simple treatments work best.

As we said earlier, there is not quick fix treatment for getting your hair back – you need to start slowly. This might mean that you may still have to go through a bad patch, where you hair is weak but you should treat it gently and carefully.

One important tip is that you should not do anything severe that could make the situation worse and cause more hair fall.

A simple example of this is that you should be aware of the way that you brush or comb your hair. Make sure you are doing it gently, rather than pulling, tearing or roughly styling it. This will only injure your hair more and cause you more hair loss on the way.

Try to use shorted strokes when combing and brushing and take extra time and care if you have long hair. I am sure I don’t need to tell you that long hair needs more care and brushing and gets tangled quite easily. If you have any tangles, try to isolate them and brush them out so that you are not tugging on the full length of the hairs.

When using shampoo for hair loss or hair care products, try to ensure that they are not too harsh and full of chemicals. There are many shampoos and conditioners designed to grow hair on the market and those with more natural ingredients will be better for you.

It may be that over time, you can rely on more man-made products, but to begin with, keep it as gentle and natural as possible.

Harsh and strong chemicals will just damage your scalp, making growing new hairs quite hard to do.

Heal your hair overnight.

This tip might seem a little silly and also obvious, but having the right conditions for your hair overnight will help promote new hair growth. After all, your head is on your pillow all night long (usually) so that is an ideal place to start thinking about how you can care for your hair and scalp overnight. Unless you are fond of wearing a woolly hat all day, the most contact between your head, hair and scalp and another object will be on your pillow at night.

One thing you can do is to use a silk or satin pillow case, which will help stop you hair from snagging unduly during the night. Yes – I know – this sounds a bit silly, but over a period of 8 hours sleep, imagine the amount of extra dragging, scuffing, pulling and tugging that occurs that might lead to hair loss.

No ponytails at bedtime!

Another tip for caring for your hair at night, is to make sure that you are not tying it up whilst you sleep. Pony tails, braids and even rollers, wraps, hats and clasps are out for the night time.

The night is a great healing time for your hair and scalp and therefore you should make sure that you allow as much freedom and movement as possible, which will help.

Keep cool but moist.

If you keep the air in your bedroom as cool as possible (but not freezing!) then this will create the perfect environment for healing your skin, scalp and hair.

It is important too that you keep the air moist as this will stop your skin and scalp from drying out too much. This is an excellent tip if you have any sort of scalp infection or eczema.

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