Using Nizoral Shampoo For Hair Loss

Nizoral Shampoo For Hair LossNizoral is a famous product name when it comes to producing top of the line hair care products. The company has released a new product called Nizoral shampoo for hair loss.

The Nizoral shampoo for hair loss has been formulated to treat and prevent Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, when it is still in its milder form.  The formula was also created to contain active ingredients called Ketoconazole, a proven anti-fungal treatment of infections that occur due to the presence of yeasts and fungi.

Certain fungal infections like ringworms can target the scalp and cause patches of hair loss. It can lead to temporary baldness and can cause the hair to become brittle and suffer from bald patches.  The formula of Nizoral addresses this issue, healing the scalp and combating the fungus that is causing temporary baldness.

Aside from treating the dandruff, it is already helping the hair solve the pattern baldness, making the hair healthier.  Nizoral also contains anti-androgenic effects; androgens when ingested by the body could help the hair follicle receptors by binding them. This means that early baldness could be prevented by the formula that is present in the product.

Other benefits of using Nizoral to treat hair loss.

The additional benefits of the shampoo include the ability of the formula to reduce sebum production.  Most of the time the proper hair production is hindered by too much sebum in the hair, it disrupts the normal hair growth.  If Nizoral is used, it can lead to the reduction of the sebum presence in the hair, allowing the hair to have a better process of hair growth.

The formula Ketoconazole is also known for reducing inflammation, it is able to help people who are already suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia or pattern baldness.

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How effective is Nizoral?

The product has undergone research testing in 1998, where they subjected 39 men who have pattern baldness aged 21 to 33 years.

The study included 4 groups, the 2 groups washed their hair using the product with Ketoconazole with 2% Nizoral shampoo for 2 to 4 times per week, for 3-5 minutes each time.

After careful observation, the researchers have noted that there was a positive impact on the individuals who used 2% Ketoconazole on their hair loss.  Results have showed positive signs, the sebum levels were decreased and the people who have used the product have reported having better hair condition.

Further tests were conducted in 2005; they have added more tests with regards to the effect of the product on hair growth.  After these successful tests, the FDA approved Nizoral products and officially allowed it to be used as treatment for seborrheic dermatitis and dandruff.  Whilst it is not directly marketed as a hair loss remedy, several tests have proven that it is able to prevent baldness.

How Long before Results are seen?

The results will vary; there are some individuals who have experienced positive changes after 6 months while some took as long as 1 year or more.

Nizoral shampoo for hair loss is highly recommended for men and women who already have pattern baldness and for those who want to reduce dandruff type problems.

For the best results, avoid using the product every day – it would be best to use it as hair treatment 2x a week instead of daily.

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