What Is The Best Shampoo For Growing Hair?

Choosing the right shampoo to help grow hair that might be falling out or thinning can be a minefield. Each product claims to be the best and that each special ingredient they contain will be the miracle cure for hair growth.

In this article, we will examine the top 3 things that a shampoo has to have to help you grow hair and also we will look at some things to avoid when buying.

Circulation And Cleanliness.

Ideally, you will want to find a shampoo that has ingredients in that help improve circulation on your scalp. One such ingredient is Niacin, which can be found added to many premium shampoo’s that are designed to help with hair problems.

You hair grows from your scalp, so making sure that it is in the best possible health, will help you grow more hair.

You will also need to ensure that the shampoo you choose will keep your scalp very clean. You might think that all shampoo keeps your hair and head clean, but you need to make sure that it is powerful enough to keep pores clean to prevent them from becoming blocked.

Shampoo with ingredients such as Salicylic Acid will help with keeping your pores clean, promoting hair growth.  You can see a list of these products here on Amazon.

Reduce DHT.

Reducing DHT (Dihydro-testosterone) from building up in your hair follicles can be the best way to reduce the risk of losing your hair, so look for a shampoo that helps block this chemical.

DHT plays a major role in hair loss, with men suffering from the effects more than women.  Changes in you metabolism can trigger a build up of DHT, which causes hair loss.

So to recap on the three main items you are looking for when buying the best shampoo for growing hair:

  1. Choose one that helps circulation around your scalp.
  2. Choose a shampoo that keeps your pores unblocked.
  3. Choose one that helps block DHT.

Once you have found a shampoo that does all of these, you will have the ideal product that can help stop hair from falling out – but you will also need to stimulate hair growth too, which is where the additional nutrients, vitamins and minerals come in.

What to avoid when choosing your shampoo.

Many shampoo’s contain quite harsh chemicals and therefore it is important to ensure that you are not buying one that has such nasty stuff in. Ingredients such as Sodium Laurl Sulfate is found in many products and can be likened to bleach.

This can be very toxic for your scalp and hair and may lead to additional hair loss, not new growth!

If you are looking for a shampoo that helps hair growth, look for one that is made from organic ingredients. There is less chance that this will be harsh to your skin and hair.

Which shampoo is best for growing hair?

Obviously, the main reason for shampoo is to keep you hair and head clean, free from oils and greases that are just part of everyday life.

Using a more gentle shampoo will help you keep your head clean as you can use it more often and they are also cheaper to buy. Some shampoos can have bad effects if they are left on for too long, which is why a more gentle product works better to keep your scalp pores clean.

Make sure you are not buying a shampoo that contains too many harsh chemicals that can damage your hair and skin. As we mentioned earlier, try to avoid using shampoo with Sodium Laurl Sulfate as one of the ingredients.

Choosing a shampoo that increases the amount of circulation in your scalp is also a great way to promote hair growth. It is also important to eat a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of protein and vitamin B12 as these are key nutrients for healthy hair. This good diet, combined with increased circulation of the scalp will help stimulate the right parts of your head for growing new or thicker hair.

Even if your diet is good and you think you are getting the right levels of vitamins and minerals, then using a shampoo that has additional ingredients such as Biotin or proteins is an option.

These will penetrate directly into your scalp for additional help where it is needed. Also, these do not cause any harmful effects to your skin as they are 100% natural chemicals.

Many people think that the DS Laboratories Revita shampoo is the best choice as a shampoo for growing hair.

DS Laboratories Revita on amazon

This shampoo contains all of the correct ingredients for the three main areas we talked about earlier in this article, so it fits what you need almost perfectly. However, the price of this shampoo can put people off, especially if you are not sure if it will work properly or not.  Check out the reviews and prices for this excellent product by clicking this link.

If buying this product is going to cause a problem (with your cash ) then opt for an organic shampoo that contains the least amount of man-made chemicals you can find. Make sure you read the labels properly as this will help you determine if harsh chemicals are present.

Let us know, using the comment box below, which product you have used to help grow your hair and if you agree that our top pick is a good choice for people looking for the best shampoo for growing hair.

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